Liqvid will rent you a TV and the software to create and manage your content in one convenient package. Removes the hassle and saves you money on getting set up - and makes you money by presenting your content flexibly and professionally.
No more USB stick
Works with Amazon Fire and Android TV screens
Unlimited possibilities. Convenient and simple on-line editing of menus, promotions, discounts in just 5 minutes with consistently excellent picture quality

Create your own content, sell more!
upload media from your phone or laptop

Add and change content simply by downloading media files from it

Edit promotions
Manage the content in function of the time of day, day of the week and season. Sell the right dishes at the right time by hourly schedule

Stream YouTube videos on your TVs. Just like on your phone! 3 minutes and the video is already on your TV screen
Intermixed with your own video
Majority of android tv sets seamlessly work with Liqvid platform. Just plug and play!
You don't have a smart TV?
Majority of android devices like sticks, mediaboxes, TVs seamlessly work with Liqvid platform.
Your TV isn't Android TV?